Producer, Writer, Director Andrea Kreuzhage

Andrea has been working in the film industry since 1986, and has been involved in the development, financing, production, marketing and/or distribution of 8 to 10 feature films and TV productions per year. Based in Munich, Germany, she worked with partners all over Europe, the U.S.A., Japan, and from 1987 to 2004 with the Australian company Beyond Films, on films such as AUSTRALIAN RULES (Sundance 2002, Cannes Junior 2003), BLACKROCK (Sundance 1997), THE BUSINESS OF STRANGERS (Sundance, Toronto 2001), CHOPPER (Toronto 2000, Sundance 2001), KISS OR KILL (Toronto 1997), LANTANA (Telluride, Toronto 2001), LOVE AND OTHER CATASTROPHES (Venice, Toronto 1996), LOVE SERENADE (Camera D'Or Cannes 1996, Sundance 1997), OBSESSION (Sundance, Berlin 1998), OTHER VOICES (Sundance 2000), STRICTLY BALLROOM (Cannes 1992), TEXAS (Sundance, Berlin 2002), and TWO HANDS (Sundance 1999). 

In 1994, she moved to Los Angeles, to focus on the development, financing, and production of Independent narrative and documentary films. 

In 1998, Andrea Executive Produced, with Jan De Bont, the Sony Classics release SLC PUNK!, directed by James Merendino. The film opened the Park City screenings of the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. In 1999, SLC PUNK! won the best Actor and Best Film awards at the Mar Del Plata Film Festival in Argentina. In 2000, the film received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for its screenplay. 

In 1999, she produced AVE MARIA, directed by Eduardo Rossoff, a US-Mexican-Spanish co-production. The film was nominated for four Ariel Awards, the Mexican Oscar. At the Havana Film Festival 1999, the film won the Best Director and Best First Work awards. The film was invited to the World Exposition in Hanover, Germany, in 2000, to represent Mexico in the prestigious international film series. 

In 2000, Andrea was hired by the German Film Fund Vif and its production company TiMe Films, to consult on and develop a slate of feature films and documentaries. Vif's projects included films such as the Academy Award winning documentary BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, directed by Michael Moore, and LOVE THE HARD WAY (Sundance 2002), and many more. 

In 2002, she Executive Produced BOOKIES (Sundance 2003), directed by Mark Illsley (HAPPY TEXAS), starring Nick Stahl (IN THE BEDROOM, TERMINATOR 3, SIN CITY), and Rachael Leigh Cook

Since winter 2003, Andrea's main focus is the development of the feature length documentary 1000 JOURNALS, which will be her first film as director.

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