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We are receiving many emails from people who plan to start or already run their own journals projects, and want to share your experiences and tips.

We've compiled the first DIY Tips on the 1000 Journals Extension. Check it out!

It would be great if you told us about your project. Even if you are at the very beginning, or have "abandoned" your journals project, we'd like to know your story. Please adjust the questions below accordingly.

Thank you so very much for your input.

Copy and paste the below questions into the body of an email, fill in as much as you can, and send it to andrea at 1000journalsfilm.com (format by removing the spaces and replacing the at with @).


How to start your own journals project
Tips and Tricks, contributed by people who have done it.



Your name and address info:

Name of your journals project:


Number of journals, members or collaborators (at today's date):

Brief "about" description, including start date:

How are your journals getting around? Hand to hand in a small circle, via postal service, or randomly left at places? Please describe:

Is your Journals Project local, national, or global? Is it restricted to a specific language?

Your long or short term goals, hopes and dreams with this:

What motivated you, inspired you, and helped you along the way?

Describe the amount of time you spend, the costs, or in other words, the kind of commitment required:

Your top 3 "Don't" recommendations:

Your top 3 "Do" recommendations:

(If you have more than 3, please expand.)

How to keep journals moving? Do you have and enforce rules? Please describe:

Which "themes," if any, have worked best?

Anything else you'd like to recommend or warn about?

If you have an illustrative anecdote you can share, please do!

Is there another question we should ask here?

Is there anyone else you think we should contact about this?

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